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  • JC | Coaching

    Melissa is the only therapist or coach I have ever met with who seems to care about “customer service.”  Everything from the ease of scheduling appointments online to the fact that she has client necessities (toys, a changing pad, wipes, tissues, and tampons) on hand.  I come away from every session with action steps to move me forward toward my goals.  My productivity and mood have improved by leaps and bounds.  She is so real and authentic. She is not just my coach, she’s my role model.

    - JC | Coaching
  • AE | Psychotherapy

    I have felt comfortable since my first session…and I remain confident that the path I’m on is just right for me.  There’s a very real feel when I’m in your office. I can connect. I am comfortable being myself and you find a way to make me “work” each week.  I have “tools” in my toolbox that I am able to use when I need. Although therapy is work, I am relaxing into the work and find that I use my tools every day.

    - AE | Psychotherapy
  • DW | The Mommy Bond

    I had a wonderful experience. I wanted to work through some issues of how best to handle situations (like mother in law) etc., and I got great advice on how to do so.  It was also great to realize that I will not be able to do it all and be a super mom so I need to prioritize what is important to me.

    I liked how you really listen and provide feedback. You don’t push your opinions but instead provide constructive advice on how to deal with a situation. Though you  come into the group with an agenda, you let us lead with our new challenges and any issues we need to work through for the week.

    - DW | The Mommy Bond
  • RP | Couples Coaching

    You have given me very helpful ways to frame my thinking so that I can deal with issues better- -and I am happier as a result. My husband and I are also getting along much better because of our couples coaching with you. I often find myself thinking about little nuggets of wisdom you shared- -or remembering the analogies you used to help me think about problems. Your words have really resonated with me and helped me at many points.

    - RP | Couples Coaching
  • KK | The Mommy Bond

    The Mommy Bond helped me be more accepting of the fact that there is no perfect mom. I’m not a superwoman, and I can’t be on point all the time. I just do my best and have to accept it and just love my kids to death.

    I love your advice, your personality, your nonjudgmental approach, the jokes, the honesty, etc. I think that you are a great therapist and I learned a lot from you and I love your therapeutic style. I hope that one day when I join a practice (or open my own) I can work with my clients and help them the way you did for me. You were great!

    - KK | The Mommy Bond
  • JG | Psychotherapy

    I learned so much about myself and how to cope with situations in a calmer way.  You are so kind and you really listen.  My husband and I take comfort in knowing that we can always call you when we need your insights and recommendation.  

    - JG | Psychotherapy
  • NG | Coaching

    Melissa immediately could relate to my everyday struggles. I can now decipher between Tasks and being a Mother. I am happier now in all of my relationships as she has taught me to say no when needed, delegate and take time for myself. I would recommend Melissa to anyone, especially  Moms who feel the struggle of “not enough time in the day”! Her advice and techniques and been imperative to my day to day tasks. I could not be happier working with her. She is amazing!

    - NG | Coaching
  • JD | Psychotherapy

    Your instincts, innate caring and skills are such that you put me in a better position today than I was yesterday. I always say thank you and mean it, but this time I would like you to hear that I am not not just thankful, but happy that I was right to choose you as my therapist. With thanks.

    - JD | Psychotherapy
  • TS | Coaching

    I know it has only been 2 sessions but I have had your advice on my mind and when I was anxious it really helped. Thank you.

    - TS | Coaching
  • SS | Couples Therapy

    We can’t begin to thank you for all you help and guidance. Your observations and critique were dead on. We will do our best to heed your advice going forward. We are both really appreciative of the time we had with you.

    - SS | Couples Therapy
  • MB | Coaching

    You gave me very valuable tools I still use everyday. If I ever need help again, I know I can call on you. Having you on speed dial is like my own security blanket.

    - MB | Coaching
  • OC | Psychotherapy

    Thank you for teaching me how to make healthy choices! The self-doubt that used to make me so anxious is like a memory of a bad dream. I am now the calm and confident person I always wanted to be. Thank you for all your help. It meant a lot being able to count on you.

    - OC | Psychotherapy
  • AV | The Mommy Bond

    I always knew that I wanted to be a mom but I wasn’t prepared for how overwhelming being a new mom could be. Going from career woman to stay-at-home mom in a snap was more daunting than I ever anticipated. The Mommy Bond sessions really helped me transition through that and gave me an outlet to discuss what I was going through. The Mommy Bond is a must for any new mom.

    - AV | The Mommy Bond
  • KS | The Mommy Bond

    Melissa helped me in so many ways. Her ability to meet me on my terms and on my level was extraordinary. When my daughter was a newborn, I nursed through our sessions in her office; as Nora grew, Melissa brought toys and baby-proofed her office, and when my little one became mobile, Melissa simply switched gears and came to my house. Even when we moved – I had her on Skype. Who does that?: She is amazing. The fact that she was willing to work around my ever changing “new mom” schedule, told me that she was a true ally and that my well-being was worth it
She helped me so much during a time when I was overwhelmed with how much my life had changed. On days when showers were impossible and sleep was distant memory, Melissa gave me the tools to see the big picture with joy, security and humor. Now that I am a mom of two, I often find myself practicing what she taught me with a sense of confidence that she helped instill in me.

    - KS | The Mommy Bond
  • JD | Psychotherapy

    I wanted to take the time to thank you in writing for all of your help. I’m at an age where I am probably supposed to be going through a mid-life crisis, questioning what I’ve done with my life. Instead, I’ve never been more comfortable with who I am. I could not have gotten here without your kind guidance.

    - JD | Psychotherapy
  • JF | Couples Therapy

    just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with my husband and me. You were patient and helped us immensely. We understand each other better and can actually communicate now. There is still work to be done but we are back on the right track. Thank you.

    - JF | Couples Therapy