You may not know if your relationship is at the point that you need a couples therapist but most people know when things aren’t going well. For some, conflicts escalate instead of resolve. For others, there is a sense of emotional disconnection. You may have tried your best to get back to the happiness you once felt in the relationship, but you get stuck in destructive patterns because you simply don’t know how to do any better.

The main goal of therapy is to give couples the tools they need to heal and strengthen their relationship.

In couples therapy, you and your partner can learn to:

  • Reduce and manage conflicts in a productive way.
  • Express your love for each other in a way that it is best received by your partner–in words, in deeds, and in the bedroom.
  • Develop a couples language of your own, a “shorthand,” to discuss on-going issues without reopening old wounds.
  • Gain insight into the origins of problematic patterns and prevent further excessive emotional reactivity.

Often, difficulties in relationships arise not out of malice, but from neglect. The sooner you address the issues and destructive patterns, the more likely it is that you can heal and have the relationship you want and deserve.


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