The Relationship Roadmap

A unique coaching program that is designed to help couples drop their excess baggage, avoid detours and dead ends, and strengthen their relationship so they can enjoy the journey of parenthood together.


Imagine that from the moment your first child is born, until your last child leaves the nest, you and your partner are on a road trip together. It is a long and winding journey, full of joy and challenges.  Like all roadtrips, the success of your journey together depends on how well you are prepared and how well you drive. After all, you wouldn’t hit the road without having some idea of where you’re going, filling up your gas tank, and making sure you have plenty snacks and water. While on the road, you have to be aware your speed, the road conditions and how much gas you have in the tank.  If your “check engine light,” comes on, you can’t ignore it.  If you take your eyes off the road for too long, you’ll veer off course.  You may even find yourself in need of some road side assistance to get back on track. Getting off track in your marriage happens subtly but it is a slippery slope:

  • Your marriage feels okay but not great
  • You don’t share your thoughts with each other the way you used to
  • Little annoyances build up and seem like big issues
  • You argue over the same things but nothing changes
  • Sometimes you really don’t like each other
  • Sex is rare and only so-so.
  • End up feeling like co-parents instead of lovers.

In providing marriage counseling and relationship coaching for almost 2 decades, here is what I have found:

  1. Most couples were never taught how to keep their marriage happy and running smoothly.  They are basically winging it. They want their relationship to ‘go the distance’ and they know that long and strong relationships take work.  The problem is that they don’t know HOW to do the work.
  2. There are 5 trouble spots on the road of every relationship.  They are like potholes.    They are completely normal but if you hit them at full speed, they cause a lot of damage.    Couples go around and around hitting the same pothole for 2 reasons:  they aren’t aware of the problem until they are in it and they don’t know how to navigate around it.
  3. During the child-rearing  years, couples are so focused on being  good parents that they end up neglecting their relationship.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was AAA (roadside assistance) for your relationship?  Someone that alerts you to the trouble ahead, helps you navigate around it, while keeping you moving forward toward your destination.   You would actually be able to enjoy the ride. That’s essentially what coaching is.

The couples I coach already feel over-extended, over-scheduled,  and  emotionally exhausted.   Fixing their  relationship feels like “just one more thing they have to do”  and they are having a hard time figuring  it out on their own.

That’s where I come in.

Here’s how it usually works.  Couples come to my office and we create an individualized Relationship Roadmap.   We start by creating a clear vision for their relationship.  We look objectively at where they are now and where they want to be.   I provide the assessment, training, tools and “homework” necessary for them to keep their relationship strong and moving in the right direction.

Unfortunately, the reality is that there are a lot of hurdles to get over before a couple even gets to my office.  They need to coordinate both of their schedules, get a babysitter and, to be honest, it is expensive.

I wanted find a way to bypass these hurdles to get couples the help they need as easily as possible. So, I have been busy creating a ridiculously flexible, inexpensive  O N L I N E  version of the  coaching program that you can do at your convenience.   I am offering you all the information, tips, tools and strategies that I use with my private coaching clients so you can create your own Relationship Roadmap.  And you don’t even have to get off the couch.

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This all sounds great – but what exactly will we be covering in this program?

It’s important for you to know EXACTLY what you will be getting.

Here’s an outline of what will be covered in the program (it’s a lot of information, but don’t worry, I’ll be right there with you every step of the way).

Lesson 1

Getting ready for a trip. We will cover basic relationship maintenance and dropping your excess baggage.

Lesson 2

1st pothole: Love triangle with partner and kids. How do you manage the needs of your children, your partner and yourself?  We will also talk about burnout and how it sabotages your connection with each other.

Lesson 3

2nd pothole: Lack of communication. Poor communication breeds apathy and resentment–both are toxic to your relationship. Learn how to really talk about these things so that you state and understand both your and your partners positions.

Lesson 4

3rd pothole: Inter-generational intrusions. This is where we talk about where we come from. We look at our own family/parent baggage as well as how to deal with in-laws and others who influence your family. You’ll gain an understanding of the importance of boundaries and how best to define them for your family. 

Lesson 5

4th pothole: Division of labor. This is the “who does what” of managing your homelife.  Discuss how to handle the task distribution in a way that makes sense for both partners.  Gain an understanding for how each person adds value to the relationship and the deeper meaning that underlie some tasks.

Lesson 6

5th pothole: Sex and intimacy. This week covers the changes in sex and intimacy that take place over the course of your relationship. You’ll learn how to talk to your partner about what feels good now and how to look at intimacy in a new way.

You will have instant access to the entire program on Day 1. Each lesson has a video and mp3 of the content as well as a download-able action pack which has all the “homework” you need to do to ensure the progress you hope to see.   I recommend that you start with Lesson 1 but after that you can skip around to whichever lesson you feel will benefit you the most right now.

Lifetime access to all course content

Just like our cars need routine maintenance, so do our relationships. That’s why I am including lifetime access to all of the content in this program. Whenever you are feeling like your relationship needs a tune-up, pop back in and go through the worksheets. Use the program, whenever you need to. It’s yours for life.


#1) Affection and Admiration Pages – Every weekday for weeks 2 through 5, you will get an affirmation and a journal prompt to help maintain positivity.

#2) The Makeup map – There will be conflicts during this program. It’s normal and okay that they will happen. My exclusive Makeup Map (you’ll get this as soon as you register) will show you how to make up and move on after an argument. It will focus on helping both you and your partner understand why the disagreement happened and what could be done differently to prevent the same argument from happening again in the future.


It is important to note that this program is not therapy, nor is it intended to be a replacement for therapy. This is a group coaching program.  Therapy looks at your past, and helps you deal with and move forward from things that have happened in your past. Coaching gives you the ability to optimize your skills, helps you understand how you may be able to think about things differently, and offers a springboard for you to learn to discuss things in a more productive manner. I encourage those who feel they need therapeutic assistance to email me for information regarding my private practice.