Cohen_HR-5254I believe psychotherapy and coaching are gifts you give yourself.  For 20 years, I have helped countless competent, well-educated men and women whose lives, while “good on paper,”  feel flat in real life. My approach is to focus on the here and now, offering new perspectives and solutions to address problems that may stem from the past.  I guide my clients through the process of healing and making positive life changes to create the life they want and deserve.

One of my passions is supporting moms and dads because parents need nurturing too.

To further serve my clients, I have created two innovative coaching programs (with a strong therapeutic foundation) to teach my clients practical tools to foster their growth.  The Mommy Bond is a group coaching program that provides new mothers with the guidance and support they need as they take on the challenges of motherhood.  The Relationship Roadmap helps couples strengthen their relationship as they navigate the journey of parenthood together.

My years of professional experience providing individual and couples psychotherapy, countless hours of advanced training in postpartum mood disorders, parent education, and psychotherapy, as well as personal experiences trenches of mommy-hood have all gone into developing my unique services.  I look forward to helping you grow into the person who really want to be.




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