The Mommy Bond Inner Circle: An Intimate Community of Women


Every day, I talk to women whose lives are full but not fulfilling.

They’ve reached their goals but now feel stagnant.

They have social interactions that remain at the surface level so they often feel alone and unsupported.

They spend their energy taking care of other people but they have lost connection with themselves.


Imagine what would it be like

to surround yourself with a group of women

who get it, who listen to you,

who want to support you and celebrate you—

Sounds awesome, right?


Having a tribe makes life a lot easier and a lot more fun.

That’s why I am offering this opportunity to gather with other amazing women.


The Mommy Bond Inner Circle is for you if:

  • You crave authentic connection and community.
  • You want to continue your personal growth (not just watch your child grow).
  • You want to thrive, not just survive.
  • You want to be inspired by elevated conversation.


Your Monthly Membership includes:

  • 1 meeting in person where we will have coaching sessions.
  • 1 Mastermind group via video conference for questions, answers and connection.
  • A Buddy System for one-on-one connection
  • A Growth Notebook for your insights, journaling exercises and recording your progress



For more information or find out about upcoming groups
please contact me at 908.372.0263 or send me an email.