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If you have ever heard yourself or your partner say some version of, “I do everything around here,” you probably have a division of labor problem. Most of my clients start out with a keeping score mindset. This is a surefire way to build resentment because people naturally over estimate the value of what they do and undervalue their partner’s contribution.

So what I am happy to offer you today is the tool that I use with all of my clients to help them navigate the division of labor in their household.

You’ll learn:

  • how to uncover the deeper meaning that is hiding behind these conflicts
  • to value what your partner brings to the table
  • to create more appreciation, respect and positivity in your relationship

Melissa Cohen is a psychotherapist, coach, and happily married mother of identical twin boys.  Her passion is helping her clients create the lives they really want.  She loves guiding her clients to change their lives for the better and is inspired by the way their progress improves the lives of everyone they touch.

In addition to her private psychotherapy practice, Melissa is the creator of a innovative coaching program called The Relationship Roadmap. This course is perfect for couples who want to strengthen their relationship so they can enjoy the journey of parenthood together.

Whether with her private clients or a large group, Melissa is an expert at helping her clients move away from a problem-oriented mindset and guides them toward a solution. She has an uncanny ability to deliver the stark truth with a humorous twist that makes her observations easily relatable, understood and accepted. Through her steadfast compassion and intuitive nature, she sets her clients up for success and ready to take on their next challenges.