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Creative vs. Reactive: In this presentation, we will discuss how to shift your mindset from reactive to creative to become the parent you want to be.
When we become parents, we are thrust into meeting the immediate needs of the baby. Unfortunately, even after the urgency of infancy subsides, we get stuck in the reactive mode of parenting rather than creating who we want to be as a parent.

False Mommy (and Daddy) Guilt Syndrome: In this presentation we will discuss why so many parents feel overwhelmed and guilty all the time. We will discuss the telltale signs of false guilt, its origins and how we can overcome this so we can actually enjoy parenthood.

Age-Appropriate Discipline: In this presentation we will discuss how preschoolers learn and how to tailor our parenting decisions to their developmental stage. We will learn the 4 tenets of discipline, how to avoid power struggles with your child and how to allow your child to assert his/her independence while maintaining control.

Grandparents–They Mean Well: In this presentation we will discuss the blessings and challenges that grandparents bring to your family. We will explore how our relationship with our own parents change as we become parents as well as how to manage your relationship with your in-laws.

Creating Your Own Rituals: In this presentation we will discuss the importance of creating of rituals for your family. Most of us connect with Judaism through our rituals. In this workshop we will discuss how to incorporate the meaning and values of Shabbat and Jewish holidays in a way that is a perfect fit for your family.

Us and Them: In this presentation we will discuss how to strengthen your relationship as you parent together. For many couples, the demands of early parenting leaves little room for anything else. We will discuss how prioritizing your relationship benefits your children and how to find the time to connect with your partner.


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Melissa Cohen is a relationship coach and psychotherapist, and happily married mother of identical twin boys.  Her passion is helping her clients create the lives they really want.  She loves guiding her clients to change their lives for the better and is inspired by the way their progress improves the lives of everyone they touch.

In addition to her private psychotherapy practice, Melissa is the creator of an innovative coaching program called The Relationship Roadmap. This course is perfect for couples who want to strengthen their relationship so they can enjoy the journey of parenthood together.

Whether with her private clients or a large group, Melissa is an expert at helping her clients move away from a problem-oriented mindset and guides them toward a solution. She has an uncanny ability to deliver the stark truth with a humorous twist that makes her observations easily relatable, understood and accepted. Through her steadfast compassion and intuitive nature, she sets her clients up for success and ready to take on their next challenges.