Are You Feeling Fuzzy Or Focused?

Posted on Jun 4, 2012

focusI am hearing from a lot of my patients that they are feeling scattered lately.  Many attribute this feeling to external factors and there certainly are a lot of things to grab their attention and energy. The reality is that the external situation is not the issue.

Imagine looking at a photograph that is out of focus. You stare at the colors and forms, struggling to make sense of it. Sometimes life can feel a lot like that photograph: if there’s nothing clearly in focus, you waste a lot of energy just trying to figure things out.

To cure this feeling of being overwhelmed or scattered, you don’t need to focus the “what,” you need to focus on the “who.” Instead of thinking “what do I have to do,” ask yourself, “who do I want to be?” The next time you are feeling overwhelmed, start by defining who you want to be by using “I am” statements, such as, “I am someone who learns quickly and can figure out most problems”  or  “I am someone who finds moments of joy even when I have a lot on my plate.”  Consider how you want to feel when the situation is resolved. You want to be proud not just of what you did but how you conducted yourself while doing it. No matter what the situation, you always have the power to take a breath and bring yourself into focus.