Don’t You Deserve an Upgrade?

Posted on Oct 5, 2013

Imagine that you are headed off on a little getaway for the weekend.  You and your favorite traveling buddy have booked a flight and a nice hotel for a few days of “me time.”

Sounds pretty good, right?

Now imagine that by some stroke of fortune, you are both upgraded to first class on your flight.  The seats are so comfortable and service is so good that you feel like a special guest (unlike the coach passengers who are treated like cattle being herded).   When you arrive at your hotel, fortune smiles on you again.  You are upgraded from your regular hotel room with a garden view to a suite with an ocean view and access to the concierge lounge, which is replenished throughout the day with delicious food and drink available to you whenever your heart desires.

Sounds amazing, right?

An upgrade is not just about luxury.  It is about comfort, choices, and freedom.  It is a feeling of being deserving and grateful at the same time.

Can you imagine if your life was upgraded like this vacation?

You are probably thinking “Yes, Melissa!  Sign me up now!’

If you want an upgrade for your life, it doesn’t come from luck.

It comes from effort.

Here are the basic steps you must take:

  1. Define. What does an upgrade means to you?  Everything starts with a clear vision and intention.  Without clarity we splatter our efforts and don’t make much progress.
  2. Be fully engaged in the process in creating your upgrade.  There is a saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”  In the case of the vacation, you can be passively awarded an upgrade via luck or perhaps a loyalty program.  In real life, if you are passive in the process, you won’t achieve results.
  3. Release your assumptions and limiting beliefs.  The biggest block to creating the life you really want is your mindset.  Your limiting beliefs may be rooted in fear, in feeling undeserving, or in the notion that you are the victim of external circumstances.   You have to uncover and challenge these beliefs.  You have to let go of them to make room for your upgrade.
  4. Claim full personal responsibility for your life:  Responsibility is the ability to have a response.  Personal responsibility means you are standing in your power, saying to yourself, “If my life is not working, then I have the ability to respond and make changes to achieve the outcome that I want.”
  5. Stop “trying” or “thinking about it” and start taking decisive action.   The time to take the next step will never be as perfect as you want it to be.   Imperfect action is infinitely better than staying stuck in trying to perfect your plan.
Let’s face it.  Most of already know “how to be happy.” We have access to more information, more articles, more books and more videos than ever before. Yet, we’re still struggling. Why?  Because life doesn’t change just from passively digesting information.  It comes from full engagement and action.