I Have So Many Questions For You

Posted on Jan 1, 2014

Happy New Year!  I Have So Many Questions For You!

    • How was your break?
    • How was your holiday?

  • Did you make a New Year Resolution?
  • How is it going so far?

Yes, I realize I sound like a second grader on her first day back at school, but I am so excited to catch up with everyone!

To answer my own questions: My break was terrific! After being on vacation for two amazing weeks, I am feeling refreshed and ready for 2014!

Some of you may already know that I don’t make New Year Resolutions.  Don’t get me wrong: I like the concept it just doesn’t work for me.

Though I don’t join in this ritual,  I actually like the idea that a new year gives people a reason to ask themselves some questions:  WHAT do I want to do or accomplish? HOW will I make and measure progress? WHEN am I ready to start?

It’s the WHEN that sets me up for failure. It is great that people all around the world choose one day to kick off of their plans.  In fact, I like to think of January as International Self Improvement month.  

 Unfortunately, January is not a good month for me to start something new.  It is dark and cold, and I just want to hibernate.

For those who have set resolutions, I am rooting for you!  To help you reach your goal I want to ask you two more questions about your resolution:  WHY and WHO.

WHY is all about your motivation.  Without it, success is hard to achieve. After all, something has to spring you into action and keep you going when you want to give up.

WHO is the most overlooked question in making a resolution.  It may seem like a strange question.

Who is making this resolution? You are, of course. But which version of you?  

Your Future Self or your Inner Critic?

  • Your Future Self speaks to you like a friend who knows your potential and always wishes the best for you.
  • Your Inner Critic is like a friend who always reminds you of all the stupid and embarrassing moments you wish you could forget.  She’s your frenemy.

WHO is talking and should you be listening to her?