Jonah Hill: An Inspirational Speaker?

Posted on Apr 3, 2012

images-2Strange as it may sound, I was so impressed by Jonah Hill’s comments in a recent interview that I had to write about it.  Hill had achieved what most would consider a high level of success, starring in films like Superbad and Get Him to the Greek.  However, his persona as a ” chubby slacker” did not reflect how seriously he took his craft. It affected the roles he was offered and the direction his career was taking.  It would have been easy, comfortable and lucrative to stay in the same niche.  However, at 28, he was ready to change. He stated, “I was eager to shed my skin, to get out of whatever box I was in.  I wanted to be healthier and to grow up.  That meant maturing and not doing only one kind of film or being one kind of friend, or son, or brother. Not being someone who was immature in how they treated themselves.”

I was thoroughly impressed for a number of reasons:

1.  He defined success in terms of his intention or purpose:  to grow as an actor by taking more challenging roles.

2.  He took full ownership that his actions were manifesting in outcomes. He did not complain or blame others that his career was not in alignment with his ultimate goal.

3.  He was eager to become a better version of himself.  Notice the energy and commitment in that word. He knew it is not enough to passively want to change and expect it to happen.


Hill was rewarded with a challenging role in the film, Moneyball and his performance was honored with an Academy Award nomination. This is a great example that we demonstrate how we deserve to be treated by how we treat ourselves.

If you show the world that you are not to be taken seriously, you put a cap on your own potential. If you behave as, and become, your best self, others will respond to you with the same respect and there is no limit to how fulfilling your life can be.