LMNOP Is Not One Letter

Posted on Nov 3, 2011


Autumn is always a time of flux for me.  My life, both personally and professionally, is impacted by the academic calendar much more so than the traditional one.  While adjusting my schedule and expectations every fall, I feel unsettled and I yearn to feel the comforts of routine again.

Whether transitions come from external factors or internal drives, they can be fraught with uncertainty, challenges and false starts.  It is hard to stay calm and focused when we want to get to the end result.  Just as children rush through the alphabet, saying LMNOP as if it is one letter to get from K to Q, we too rush toward our goals. However, just as each letter in the alphabet serves it’s own purpose, so does each step we take toward creating the changes we wish to make.

With each round of trial and error, a deeper understanding ourselves and of the challenge is gained.  If we hurry through the process, we miss opportunities for growth. When we honor the discomfort of transitions as growing pains, we arrive at our goal not just relieved, but rewarded and enriched.