Need to Work On Your Procrastination Habit? Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow

Posted on Aug 5, 2011

images-3It is natural to avoid tasks that we find unpleasant.  How can we give ourselves the kick in the pants to get over our procrastination?  I recommend trying to address some the pretexts commonly used in  avoidance.

1. We tell ourselves that there is a “better” time to address the task or issues. However, we must remember that delaying these tasks does not make them easier or more pleasant.

2. We go for the quick relief that avoidance brings.  However, when we avoid, we are not relieved of the tasks, or the emotions attached to the them.  They simply stay on our minds, sucking our energy. The only way of getting rid of this energy drain is to simply do the task we were avoiding.

3. It is usually not the entire task that is intolerable but we tend amplify the negative elements of the task.   Really examine the problem by breaking it down into parts.  Change what you can and then reassess.  Is the task less bothersome?

If you still find yourself consistently procrastinating, you must acknowledge that you are self-sabotaging–a much more painful experience than any task you may be avoiding.