Spring Cleaning for Success!

Posted on Mar 5, 2013

Even though it still feels like the dead of winter, spring is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but once the weather is warm, the last thing I want to do is be inside doing my spring cleaning. That’s why I want to encourage you to do it now.

Spring cleaning can take many forms. Whether you are tackling your junk drawers, your closets, washing the baseboards or scrubbing your refrigerator, spring cleaning is an important ritual because it is a reflection of self-care. It forces us to assess how we are doing because clutter is a symptom of overwhelm.

Many of my clients come to me because the feel overwhelmed and chaotic. I help them to shift from a life of reaction to one of creation by developing a clear picture of how they want their lives to be. This is their goal or INTENTION.

Once a clear intention is developed the next step is ELIMINATION. This, often overlooked step, is critical because we are unconsciously emotionally connected to our stuff. Here are some classic examples:

    • I can’t get rid of these jeans because what if I finally lose those 10 lbs. and I can fit in to them again or I can’t get rid of these jeans because what if I put the weight back on and can’t fit into my new skinny jeans.
    • What kind of parent would I be if I didn’t keep my child’s artwork?
    • I am keeping these magazines because one day I will have time to read them.
    • I really don’t like this table but it was a bargain or I spent so much money on this table I can’t possibly get rid of it.
    • Someday I will make a scrapbook from all these photos.

Spring cleaning, (or elimination in any season) is really about releasing the physical and emotional congestion in our lives in order to make space for the life we want to create. By purging what no longer serves you, whether the release of projects or things, you will feel more focused, energized and motivated for what is really important to you.

I’ve heard story after story from clients about how the simple act of clearing clutter out of their homes creates a sense of release and relief. Clearing clutter can also give relief to so many who are in need, both locally and in impoverished places worldwide. Your clutter (clothes, art or school supplies, eye glasses, books, CDs and DVDs, stuffed animals, toys, furniture etc.) can fulfill basic necessities and bring joy to others.

I encourage you to start small and completely clear out the clutter one area at a time. If it feels overwhelming, work in 30 minute increments with your favorite songs playing or ask a buddy to come over and give moral support. When you are trying to make a decision about your clutter ask yourself: Is this a clear and concise “YES & NOW!” for the life I want? You will build up momentum as I you go. I promise.