8 March

Ready For a Truth Bomb?

Ready For a Truth Bomb?

I’m having writer’s block. I’ve tried to write something inspiring several times over the past week and it is just not happening. Since I’m not inspired to create, I am writing myself a permission slip.                 When was the last time you gave yourself a permission slip? Maybe […]

6 February

Why Date Night Won’t Save Your Relationship


I know what you’re thinking. Melissa, isn’t this the exact opposite of what you’ve been encouraging for years now? Yes and no. Yes, date night is important. Unfortunately though, if your relationship is in a negative place, date night is more likely to end with tension than romance and sex. A recent session with a […]

3 January

I Have a Love-Hate Relationship with My Planner


It is a brand new year! I am bursting with new ideas and goals. One of the first things I do to kick my year off is invest in a new planner. I have spent a lot of time over the years choosing a planner. I even bought and returned several because they weren’t quite […]

5 December

Want to have more fun this holiday season? Hold up your end of the conversation.


Have you noticed lately that the generic response to “How are you?” has changed from “fine” to “busy”? Whether at a cocktail party or a family gathering, both “busy” and “fine” are kind of non-answers. Neither fosters conversation or connection. So, why do we choose to say “busy” instead of “fine”? “Being busy” makes it […]

6 November

How To Say No When You Don’t Want to Say the Word


Last year, Meghan Trainor released a song called “No.” The lyrics are, “My name is NO. My sign is NO. My number is NO. You need to let it go.” In this anthem of empowerment, Ms. Trainor clearly asserts her boundaries. Boundaries are the invisible fences we build around ourselves to maintain balance and protect […]

1 October

Is Your Child Ready for the Future?


Have you noticed that modern parenting advice seems to carry a tone of urgency?  From the time kids are toddlers, parents are told that they must prepare their children for the future. The message is “If you don’t get your child into the right school and “enrichment” activities, your child is very likely to fall […]

3 September

Do You Run Your Life on Routines or Reactions?


Well, it’s unofficial. Summer is over. Yes, I know that it doesn’t technically end until September 22, but Labor Day weekend is the psychological end of summer. Time to switch gears and get prepared for the school year. Some of us greet the new school year with dread—homework, packed schedules, the days getting shorter and […]

20 July

Allowing Your Feelings to Flow


Every once in a while, I have a client whose struggle or pain reflects my own struggle. For example, about 24 hours after I had to put my cat to sleep, a client called requesting an immediate session because she had to put her dog to sleep.   This week, I have a patient whose […]

11 July

Summer is the Perfect Time to Grow


July really is the sweet spot of summer for me. It’s a season of growth, not just in the garden, but in my personal life as well. My kids are at sleep away camp, which frees up a lot of time. All this free time allows me the luxury of dreaming about the future and […]

3 May

Are You Stuck In Your Own Virtual Reality?


  When I was a teen, my mom used to say to me, “Melissa, you may be wrong but you’re never in doubt.” I never really understood what that meant but I knew she was saying she’d had enough and I should stop trying to convince her that I was right–about everything.   Like most kids, […]