7 Feb 2017

What Do Potholes Have to Do with Your Relationship?


It’s always around this time of year that the winter blues start setting in. It’s dark and cold and most of us just want to hibernate. When we do go out we have to deal with the damage the cold weather leaves behind: potholes. Potholes turn a simple ride to work into a stressful obstacle […]

3 Jan 2017

Revolution, not resolution


A New Year’s resolution is basically a declaration of your intentions.  The most common resolutions involve working on yourself:  living a healthier lifestyle, being more organized, getting a new job, etc. Here’s the problem:  Most of us choose our resolutions from a lack mindset.  They are often focused on areas of our lives where we […]

6 Dec 2016

Merry Chrismukkah!


  All cultures have their own unique customs regarding the winter holidays, most include giving gifts. The general function is the same: to strengthen bonds between the giver and receiver. That may sound simple, but giving gifts is surprisingly complex, especially between the people who mean the most to us.   Giving and receiving from each […]

2 Nov 2016

Are You Always Exhausted?


Have you noticed that feeling exhausted is now the common cold of the human condition? We act like it’s not that debilitating. We pretend it doesn’t really negatively affect the people around us. We think that we don’t have to do anything about it and it will eventually resolve itself. Exhaustion and depletion are not […]

8 Oct 2016

The Freedom We Take for Granted


No matter how crazy and chaotic our country seems right now, we still enjoy amazing freedoms that we take for granted everyday.   A cornerstone of our personal freedom is the First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly and petition.  Of course, the protection of speech is not absolute. There are specific restrictions including time, place, and manner. […]

6 Sep 2016

Is Your Phone Sabotaging Your Relationships?


We live in a world where we are expected to be almost constantly available to everyone in our social network and work. At the same time, we expect that our partner is interested and engaged when spending time together. This Catch-22 leads to what I call, “digital abandonment.” Digital abandonment occurs when the use of […]

8 Aug 2016

Want to Have the Strength Of An Olympian? Here’s the secret.

Want to Have the Strength Of An Olympian? Here’s the secret.

Every four years, I am overcome with Summer Olympic Fever. I love the pageantry of the opening ceremony, the sentimentality of the medal ceremonies, and the amazing focus and dedication of the athletes. I marvel at the power and control they have over their muscles after years of training. However, watching the games this year […]

5 Jul 2016

Are You Dealing with More Sh*t Than You Need To?


“I am so sick of wiping this kid’s ass!  She’s five years old, for god’s sake.  I do everything for these kids and they appreciate none of it,”  Ashley said as she walked in. Clearly, Ashley was having a bit of a mommy meltdown. After allowing her to vent until she ran out of breath, […]

7 Jun 2016

Want to Save Time and Money?


Did you know that self-help books are an 11 billion dollar industry and 80% of buyers are repeat buyers? It is the world’s best-selling genre. Because I promised to save you time and money I’ll get right to the point.   Below is the best self-help book you’ll ever read.   Chapter 1:  I walk […]

3 May 2016

Not Enough Time for Self-Care? I’ve Got the Solution for You.


In social work school, students are taught you don’t need to have the same experience as your clients in order to help them. After all, I have treated plenty of heroin addicts without ever using the drug.   But there is one area where, looking back, I just didn’t get it: parenthood. Until I became […]