2 Dec 2015

When Shoes Don’t Bring You Joy


Do you feel like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop?  Even when things are going really well, do you feel like it is too good to be true? You’re not alone. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and […]

3 Nov 2015

Are You A True Friend?


The subject of friendship has been coming up in a lot of my sessions: the struggle to make new friends as an adult, the worry that a child is becoming friends with a ‘bad influence,” the hurt feelings of not being invited to a party. In most of these sessions, my patients are longing for […]

1 Sep 2015

What does Spotify Have to Do with Relationships?


Last night, I was doing the super-exciting task of washing the dishes again. As I have mentioned in other posts, when I have more tasks than energy, I use music to help me get the job done. I reach for my phone, open Spotify and see that they have created a new “discover” playlist just for […]

4 Aug 2015

5 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong: The Advanced Version


  We know that healthy relationships start with the essential ingredients of love, trust, respect, and shared values. Long relationships are filled with ups and downs.  We often need to move beyond the basics to keep the bond strong year after year. Want to know how? Here are some advanced tips:   In happy unions, partners […]

4 Mar 2015

What Do Potholes Have to Do with Your Relationship?


Hooray!  We made it through February! What a crappy month it was, full of snow, ice, freezing temperatures, school closings, and sick kids.  Good riddance! Unfortunately, even after the snow and ice finally melt away, we still have to deal with the damage they leave behind: potholes. I know that potholes are normal this time […]

3 Feb 2015

Want to Feel Closer in Your Relationship? Try This!


Remember the excitement and curiosity at the beginning of a romantic relationship?   It was time when countless hours were spent in deep conversations, playing “I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours.”   The more you shared with each other, the closer you’d feel. This process of mutual sharing created the friendship that supported your budding romance. […]

21 Nov 2014

It Isn’t Hip To Be a Hypocrite


I need to call myself out on a major hypocrisy I have been committing. I  have been blindly following the fashionable parenting philosophy that declares, “doing your best” is the ultimate goal and measurement of personal success and happiness. Lately, though, I have been wrestling with this concept, questioning the validity of this value.  What I […]

3 Aug 2014

No Excuses Date Night Revolution


I am seeing an alarming trend in modern marriages. It seems the “new normal” is a pattern of benign neglect of the relationship. Sure, we say our loved ones are our first priority but our actions speak louder than words. We focus our energy and attention on never-ending to do lists, fueled by our own unrelenting standards. […]

7 Jun 2014

Honey, We Need To Talk


Does this statement make you cringe? I know it does for a lot of people. When someone says, “we need to talk,” it usually means a tough conversation is about to happen. As cliche as it might sound, the reality is that we do need to talk. It is a myth that a happy marriage […]

1 May 2013

Spring Cleaning for Success Part 3: Clean Up Your Relationships


Spring is now in full bloom and it is time for the third part of my spring cleaning series. In part 1, we addressed physical clutter, in part 2 we addressed mental clutter and now we will tackle clutter in our relationships. In a recent session, one of my clients expressed her frustration that some […]