5 Oct 2012

Are You There Yet?


There have been a lot of news stories recently about cheating at some of the country’s most prestigious schools. While cheating is nothing new, these incidents are indicative of a different, more systemic problem.  Cheating used to be considered the result of poor preparation and poor impulse control. Students now seem to regard cheating as […]

2 Jul 2012

Creative or Reactive? Same Letters But Different Results


It is unfortunate that when we think about creativity, we immediately think of the arts.  The reality is that we are all creative in that we have the power to create the way we live. The problem is that many of us become reactive instead of creative. We forget that our health and well-being comes […]

14 Feb 2012

How Do You Express Love?


As a mother of twins, it is always a treat when I get to spend extra time alone with one of my sons. Recently, I was sitting with my son while he was taking a bath. As he laid back in the tub, his ears were covered by the water. He was completely relaxed, listening […]

10 Dec 2011

A Year Of Gifts


It has been a tough winter already and it has only just begun!  Sometimes, it is hard not to complain about the discomforts in our environment (the cold, pollen allergies, humidity etc.).  Rather than bemoan the weather, I try to remind myself of the joys of living in a climate where there are seasons. Every […]

18 Jul 2011

Not All Jugglers Are Clowns


For most mothers, juggling is a fact of life that brings angst rather than awe, guilt rather than giggles.  A friend of mine just had her third child.  The baby is a few weeks old, the middle child is 3 and the oldest is 6.  Needless to say, when I asked her how she was, […]

12 Jun 2011

It Is Hard To Hug A Cactus


My clients often ask me, “How can I be happy when someone else is the cause of my unhappiness?”  Or stated less diplomatically, “Why do I have to change when he or she is the crazy one?!” Relying on others to change so that we can be happy inevitably leads to feelings of anger,  helplessness […]

2 Feb 2011

Emerge and See


In a recent New York Times Magazine article, will.i.am described how he plays with words.  For example, “emerge and see.”   He stated, “To emerge and see what is happening is truly an emergency.” While I like what he is trying to say, I think he has it backward. A mentor once told me that the […]