5 Oct 2012

Are You There Yet?


There have been a lot of news stories recently about cheating at some of the country’s most prestigious schools. While cheating is nothing new, these incidents are indicative of a different, more systemic problem.  Cheating used to be considered the result of poor preparation and poor impulse control. Students now seem to regard cheating as […]

5 Sep 2012

Has Your Routine Become A Rut?


For most of us, celebrating Labor Day has nothing to do with honoring the struggles and triumphs of the American worker. It has become a bittersweet holiday that commemorates the end of relaxed schedules, vacations and dining al fresco. The Labor Day barbecues can only temporarily distract us from the grim reality that the end […]

2 Jul 2012

Creative or Reactive? Same Letters But Different Results


It is unfortunate that when we think about creativity, we immediately think of the arts.  The reality is that we are all creative in that we have the power to create the way we live. The problem is that many of us become reactive instead of creative. We forget that our health and well-being comes […]

4 Jun 2012

Are You Feeling Fuzzy Or Focused?


I am hearing from a lot of my patients that they are feeling scattered lately.  Many attribute this feeling to external factors and there certainly are a lot of things to grab their attention and energy. The reality is that the external situation is not the issue. Imagine looking at a photograph that is out […]

1 May 2012

Crazy or Self-Indulgent? Neither!


  I was speaking recently with a fellow psychotherapist about the differences between working in New York City and working in the suburbs. When I was living and working in New York City, psychotherapy was viewed as a vehicle for self-improvement. The biggest surprise to me since moving my practice to Westfield, is that there […]

3 Apr 2012

Jonah Hill: An Inspirational Speaker?


Strange as it may sound, I was so impressed by Jonah Hill’s comments in a recent interview that I had to write about it.  Hill had achieved what most would consider a high level of success, starring in films like Superbad and Get Him to the Greek.  However, his persona as a ” chubby slacker” did not reflect […]

5 Mar 2012

The Not-So Secret Ingredient To Happiness


Do you find yourself comparing your life with others’, marveling at how other people seem “to have it all together”? Sometimes we can lose ourselves in wondering how we measure up to some standard set by ourselves, our families or by the community at large. Comparison keeps us in what I call “The Mindset of […]

14 Feb 2012

How Do You Express Love?


As a mother of twins, it is always a treat when I get to spend extra time alone with one of my sons. Recently, I was sitting with my son while he was taking a bath. As he laid back in the tub, his ears were covered by the water. He was completely relaxed, listening […]

1 Jan 2012

Is Your Resolution A Revolving Door


Have you become numb to the idea of New Year’s resolutions? You are not alone.  Most New Year’s resolutions are broken by the end of January.   Have you ever wondered why do we fail, year after year, to make the changes that we are so optimistic about on January 1? The reality is that […]

10 Dec 2011

A Year Of Gifts


It has been a tough winter already and it has only just begun!  Sometimes, it is hard not to complain about the discomforts in our environment (the cold, pollen allergies, humidity etc.).  Rather than bemoan the weather, I try to remind myself of the joys of living in a climate where there are seasons. Every […]